Electronic parts

Manufacturing 0.03-thick VCM, semiconductor PCB board, etc. for camera zoom using the etching method.

Micro Photo Etching
  • After making a film for the design and text of the product, we manufacture using an etching technique in which ferrite chloride is sprayed after masking, exposure, development, etc.
  • The thickness of 0.5T and 0.6T is most commonly used for door steps and speaker grilles for automobiles.
  • In terms of electronic parts, we manufacture VCM (which acts as a spring on the zoom of the camera) and encoder (used for position sensor, length and angle measurement, etc.) with ultra-thin micro-materials (0.03 - 0.06T) through precision machining with a maximum error of 4 micrometers.
  • In terms of household appliances, the filter for green juicers is manufactured using a photo etching technique.
  • Metal used mainly for etching: Stainless steel (SUS), aluminum (AL), copper (CU, etc.)
Etching through the material possible to make very small holes
(minimum - original material thickness)